Devin Harmon’s Foundation Repair Advice Became a Camping Trip

Devin and his family are very close family friends of ours. We have known Devin for a number of years. Devin owns a company that does foundation repair Macon Ga and he in an expert when it comes to soil erosion and the damage it causes to concrete and home foundations. 

We noticed that one of our cabins was starting to show signs of settling. We also noticed that some of our concrete pathways were showing signs of lifting. We were very concerned that the cabin’s foundation could become a larger problem in the future. 

We contacted Devin and asked for his advice. It was very difficult for him to asses the soil and the foundation integrity over the phone. We tried sending pictures but it was still challenging to know for sure what needs to happen to prevent further damage. Devin decided it would be best to see the cabin and the test the soil in person. To make the trip worth it, he brought his family and decided to camp with us for the week!

Soil Testing

Devin brought some of his testing equipment with him along with the rest of his camping gear. When Devin arrived to Lakewood Estates he spent most of the first day getting camp set up and helping his family settle in. 

The next morning, Devin went straight to work and started collecting soil samples mainly around the cabin. He then took more samples around the lifting concrete and the other cabins. Devin found that most of our soil in the campground is a mixture of rock, gravel, and sandy loam. 

Devin’s analysis found that most of our campground has stable soil but there is a vein of sandy loam that is closer to the water. The sandy loam soil becomes less stable when it becomes damp from the humidity coming from the lake. Devin’s help gave us the direction we needed to get started to make the repairs we needed for the settling cabin and raising concrete. 

Devin Helped Us Choose the Right Contractor

Devin knew how concerned we were about our cabin and he recommend that we do a pier system repair to stabilize the structure in the sandy loam soil. While camping with his family for the week he met with a number of contractors to do the repair. He interviewed them and evaluated their foundation repair methods. Devin helped us choose the right contractor to do the repair. Devin warned us “never go with a cheap quote”. Companies that bid much lower than the competition usually cut corners to make their profit.  “It’s ok to go with a lower bid but if they are significantly lower than the other bids then be very careful.”

Thank you, Devin, for taking the time out of your busy business to help a friend! You help put our minds at ease in this stressful situation.