Kayak and Paddleboard Rentals

One of the best ways to experience Lake Erie is to be right on the water! Lakewood Estates has paddleboards and Kayaks available for rent. We require you to have a life jacket with each rental. We have a variety of life jacket sizes and the price of the jacket is included in your paddleboard or kayak rental. 

Some of our campers have a hard time deciding between renting a Kayak or paddleboard. We put together this blog post as a guide to help you decide!

Kayaks vs Paddleboards

Kayaks and paddleboards are one of the most exciting ways to explore the Lake Erie waters. Most of our campers love to use these crafts for fishing, exploring, exercise, tanning, and even yoga! 

We put together this guide so you can choose between kayaks or paddle boards depending on the experience you want to have.


Paddleboards offer a very unique experience when it comes to fishing. One of the greatest advantages paddleboards have over kayaks is the ability to stand up. This allows you to have more versatility and easier to get your fishing line to where you want it. One to consider when it comes to paddleboards is that they do require more agility and physical strength to maneuver. If you want a great workout while your fishing then paddleboards are the right choice.

Kayaks are less demanding physically to maneuver but do require more strength to beach the craft if you want to get back on land. While fishing they give allow you to sit down and offer a more relaxed experience while fishing. They also have more storage space than paddleboards for you gear.


Paddleboards are very stable and one of our favorite ways to suntan, stretch, or do yoga. Kayaks have a lower center of gravity and are technically more stable compared to paddleboards. One of the disadvantages to kayaks are they are very challenging to get back in if you tip. Flipping a kayak back and climbing back in can be very challenging for most beginners. 

Cold Weather/Warm Weather

If the weather is warmer then we recommend at least trying a paddleboard. You are more likely to get wet on a paddleboard and they are much easier to get back on if you decide to jump in too cool off!

If the weather is cooler then we highly recommend rending a kayak. Sitting down nature does a better job of shielding you from cold winds and you are more likely to stay dry in a kayak. We recommend planning on getting wet while using a kayak and to wear insulated bodysuits when kayaking.

*Weather is the main reason we cancel reservations for rentals. If we cancel your rental you will receive a full refund or can reschedule.